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At Traralgon Table Tennis you can purchase some of the best blades and rubbers in the world to suit your game and style.

If you have any questions related to our online catalogue or any of our products, please contact us at 03 5174 4036

TABLE TENNIS TABLES Professional Competition quality tables at an unbelievable price to Traralgon members.

BLADES Various blades to suit your style - defense, spin, speed, carbon and balsa also available.

RUBBER SHEETS Build your bat to suit your style with regard to speed, control, spin, weight and sponge rating.

RUBBER CLEANER  Protect your bat’s rubber. Scentless, ozone friendly foam cleaner which removes oil and dirt from your rubber surface. 165ml. pressure pack can.

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Rubber Cleaner


Our Committee has secured a FANTASTIC price on the newly designed Traralgon polo top shirts. These are professional quality sportswear and we are selling them for a limited time at cost price. Our first shipment sold out within weeks. We are currently selling our third shipment. Be fast! Stocks are very limited and this price will not be available again. Price to club members is $40.

See photo on right for design


Jackson Landy shirt model