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An integral sign of the ‘health’ of a club is its capacity to attract youth.

Rob and Kerri Thompson have dedicated over 20 years to introducing the fun, skills and expertise to the region’s youth with Table Tennis while also running the Junior Pennant competitions. This husband and wife team worked passionately and compassionately to train the Juniors in all aspects of Table Tennis game play, strategy and sportsmanship

Recently their role has been lightened with Peter Gomez and Steve Boyd taking over the Junior Program on Thursday evenings from 5.30-7.00pm.

They are assisted by Leonie Degnan, Sheila Whitehead, Mark Strini, Jason Comrie and TTTA committee. Coaches working with juniors within the Traralgon club are all required to have Working With Children certification.

MONDAY NIGHTS. Members of the public are welcome to come and try table tennis or have a hit with a committee member for team selection. If you haven’t played before, inquire at the kiosk and someone will happily coach you on the basics to get you started.

The Association owns 2 ‘robot’ machines with automatic ball feeding at variable speed and angle for players to work on various aspects of their ball returns.


Kerri Thompson working with Juniors Blavi Patel and Adam Hislop

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May 2006 - Latrobe City table tennis team visit Taizhou in China to compete in several table tennis matches. The team also made visits to local schools to experience the lifestyle and educational differences in their sister city. Kerri Thompson back left and Rob Thompson back right

Kerri + Juniors1

Kerri Thompson working her magic with the Juniors

Rob Thompson helping juniors

Rob Thompson instructing a group of Juniors

Traralgon Coaches Anton Fullerton, Kerri and Rob Thompson with the Gippsland Sports Academy Table Tennis Squad of 2010

2010 Gippsland Sports Academy and coaches Graduation